10 Top Most Unique Home Interior Design Features

Most houses are defined by there commonalities, everything from bedrooms to bathrooms to kitchen and while these may account for everything you ever need, there are plenty of people out there, who have use their homes as an opportunity to stretch their imaginations.

Here we countdown the top 10 and most interesting interior design features we think every home should have.

  1. 3D Epoxy Floors
  2. Tree Houses & Skate Parks
  3. Waterfalls
  4. Slides
  5. Glass floors and walls
  6. Underground Parking
  7. Mass or Rock Wall
  8. Pet Transit Systems
  9. Musical walls
  10. Hidden Rooms

Following are the detailed analysis of each unique interior design idea, why and how they are so much unique and popular among the house lovers.

Best Home Interior Design & Decor Ideas

1. 3D Epoxy Floors

There are a whole bunch of options to choose from when it comes to flooring for your home from wooden floor to laminate and even rubber, and the list goes on and on. however there is another option 3D epoxy floors beat all the others hands down when it comes to the mind blowing realistic of facts they create.

These flaws incorporate a combination of objects and images encapsulated within multiple translucent layers of a boxy resin just some of the awesome design to created this way include shelves to create a beach seen within your home, reef, waterfalls and underwater designs, giving you a bird’s eye aquarium view.

Incredible coin mosaics and metallic epoxy floors which creates awesome shining lava like designs or how about this a city from above to greet you when you need the toilet after a night out. remember epoxy is extremely versatile so it isn’t just limited to flooring. there are awesome kitchens using bottle caps we collected for over five years, isn’t awesome way to commemorate your travels for a bar at home.

2. Tree Houses & Skate Parks

What’s cooler then being able to bring the skateboard park home with you, that’s the aim behind Tokyo based design studio “level”, who installed a small skate park right into the central living quarters of a shoe warrior residents. replied with a number of different angles, the same idea was picked up and improved by a french designer “skill live on delap” and  their study house that featured even bigger selection of ramps.

What better than a skate park? how about a tree house, if most world didn’t bring enough you close to nature then building your home in the canopy of a tree as the closest thing you can get to returning to a wild, short of living in a cave.

some of the most amazing tree houses inspired living situations tend to be even Ritz here than your average home and there’s an inescapable organic beauty.

3. Waterfalls

These are possibly one of the most memorizing and relaxing things to look at, so why not put a waterfall into your house. the size of them maybe a limiting factor but you don’t have to have a huge house or shopping mall to have falling water grace in your home. some of the houses have self contained water features, which are just as beautiful than the real thing, some even have just to continuous stream of water. Akin to a wall made out water itself, these awesome features bring nature indoors and some are even cleverly utilize as showers. they are so luxurious, even some yacht have inbuilt built water falls.

4. Slides

Walking up and down stairs takes time and ask yourself would you rather walk downstairs or slide on your bomb the same distance. Slides are awesome and they should be in any house large enough. many offices like a new to headquarters have slides but they definitely deserve a place in ordinary homes too.

5. Glass floors and walls

Glass tends to be a stable material for office buildings so why not as a residential option? more and more people seemed of picked up on the amazing potential working with the glass. Not only does it allows in a great deal of sunlight and helps keep the feeling of openness but also functions as a very modern aesthetic. one house by Italian design company “sounds ambrosia” takes minimalism to a whole new level incorporating a fully functional living space and three floor but constructed almost entirely of blue tinted glass that seems reminiscent of some modern fairy tale. on the other hand, some architects goes in the other direction creating a reinforced glass floors in the bathroom of colonial residents that looks straight down in an area fifteen story chef, situating this design and a bathroom seems opt since it’s found a scare the crab out of anyone’s who walks into it.

6. Underground Parking

taking their clue from james bond movies, a number of companies including a swiss based design firm out of geneva have managed to bring vertical parking into reality. the car dock allows two or more cars to fit into a vertical carriages. eliminating the need to take up the extra space in the driveway. it only takes thirty seconds to raise although the whole operation put you back several hundred grands. so this may be an ad on this exclusive to the upper cross clientele, still it may almost be worth it to see the expression on the neighbors faces when you hit the button and your vehicle miraculously lifts out of the ground.

7. Mass or Rock wall

What’s better way to spice up your home and make it feel like your own then upgraded environmental impact, with the advent of new technologies in the incorporation of green space in the house blueprints. this is why far one of our favorite design features.

An emphasis on class of natural lighting is conducive to including more plants and getting a more natural feel to the aesthetic of a living space one.

Method of integrating more greed into a home is the use of mass walls, which not only help to clean the air and inject more oxygen into a room are also a soothing alternative of synthetic materials, the idea has been around for years but it picked up popularity in the wake of London based artist “Anna Garfourth”, who took advantage of some of the more run down districts inter area to start producing mosque graffiti. Another really cool way of integrating nature into a home is the use of stones to create murals or even fully functional fire places. Vancouver based artist go all out in creating dynamic and fluid wall pieces using river stones of various colors.

8. Pet transit systems

If you’re wrinkling your eyebrow this one, don’t worry so did we at first, it’s the fact that for many of us we also share our house with pets such as cats or fish. so it is no surprise that a few innovative and animal friendly designers out there would take their fur and fins friends into consideration.

There is nothing that cats love more than testing out there acrobatics, so why not add ropes, bridges and platforms Decatur to fulfill their needs. one Oakland based firm even went so far to design especially tailored transit system for cat using old pipes and another crafty builder created an exterior walk way to allow the cat to get some fresh air and walk around the outside of house.

Although not strictly a residential design feature that now function liquid potion lounge adopted the transit system but for fishes suspended ten feet above the establishment of complicated vacuum and pump system kept the whole elaborate series of tunnels full of water and gave the fish for rain of the entire ceiling and where we stand as a whole new meaning to the phrase free range.

9. Musical walls

Known as the court of water this funky dressing art installation/ building design is the product of eclectic architect and artist heiko boucher, who build the blue rube goldberg’s wall in 1999 for the kind of passage form collective. featuring a number of down steps and inclined gutters and interconnected pipes that look like something out of a doctor shoes pitch your book, it becomes as an auditory experience like no other when it rains.

10. Hidden Rooms

If you were anything like me growing up, you will mentioned the fact that your house didn’t have a secret room that could only be access to a hidden door in the form of a book case.

This has such a universal appeal that there are actually companies that specialized in designing and installing secret rooms for every need. one such company is Arizona based creative home started by steve humble back in 2004. Since then he installed over five hundred different hidden rooms with many clients wanting it for increased security. in other cases, hidden rooms can just be aesthetically pleasing or in the case of uk based company spiro sellers also functions to maximize the efficiency of space. their especially designed wine sellers might set you back anywhere from twenty five thousand to a cool one hundred thousand but it’s hard to get any more stylish then pulling up a trapped door to retrieve the prize bottle of Cabernet.

Those are just a few of the awesome designed that exists. your imagination really is the only limit. if the old saying “home is where the heart is” rings true then there’s no reason they hold any punches when it comes to building a house that speaks to your uniqueness, at these clever quirky and creative visions only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what is possible.

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