Hey guys, Welcome to IDI Website and today we are picking up the topic how to  make the most of our small space focusing on the living room, this article is all about very small living room ideas. In Usual Cases, we’ve got three big rooms here we’ve got the great room, we’ve got the bedroom and we need a kitchen. now in the great room it needs to serve as three different places the dining room, the living room and the office.

So how the heck are you supposed to do that, If we are have small living room layout then it becomes more important to design and decorate it in proper way otherwise it will reflect a conjugated look. Following we are proving some tips and ideas to make your small living room more organised and beautiful. so following is the very small living room ideas.

1. Covering the Small Living Room Area with Rug: Cover the section off your living room area with an area rug that way you can round the territory where you decided to have your living room and it kind of divide the grate room or at least makes it feel divided. rug also provide warmth and a clean organized look.

2. Small Living Room Furniture Arrangement: The sofa set designs for small living room is very important. You need to define the area of your living room, means you need to create different sections in your grate room for living room, dining room and office place. You can use your pre-existing sofa to kind of create a room divider to separate the different sections of your big room and also creating a conversational area using your sofa. you can put your sofa in L shape or U shape.

3. Focal Point is Important: Having focal point is very important so that any new person would have something to put their eyes on. This fact became more important for small places. What is the focal point for your living room? In my living room, the focal point is my big screen TV but you guys could do anything like a mirror or a piece of art or a couple pieces of art whatever works for you. It is best small living room ideas with TV.

4. Having Balance and Symmetry in Your Decoration: You should balance the focal point with two symmetrical things, I suggest using curtains. I use these amazing white curtain from Ikea. they added the perfect amount of balance and symmetry on either side of the focal points, perfect simple and inexpensive. It will also provide an organized picture of your decoration.

5. Use of Floor Lights: Get even fancier and add extra balance by putting lights on either side of the focal points in front of the curtains. I use these awesome floor lamps. floor lamps gives an extra decorative touch to your decoration and compliment the beauty of the focal point. you can say that it provides more strength to the your focal point

I hope you guys loved this Article of the small living room ideas on a budget. leave me your comments below and let me know what you guys think. I want to know what your favorite tip was what you guys have done in your own space. If you have liked this article then please share it with your friends on social media websites.

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