Roof Top Small Garden Decoration Tips: A garden is a place where people get a sense of relaxation. In densely populated urban areas of the cities people don’t have personal space for gardening. But having a rooftop in such places is a boon. People can start their gardening in that small space, sit in their leisure time and enjoy themselves. It is important that you plan the rooftop garden designs and styles before the start of the work. The lack of space in homes is encouraging people to grow gardens on the terrace. Even if you have a tiny space on your rooftop, it is possible to grow a decorative garden there.

terrace Garden decoration ideas

A terrace garden is a lovely spot to spend your evening. Plan out the items in your garden and consider the budget for your rooftop garden design. With the use of modern garden accessories, it is possible to turn your empty terrace into a beautiful garden at a minimum cost & effort. A decorative garden is impossible on your terrace without an affordable budget. You can use an artificial grass carpet reminiscent of a lawn and can have a decorative garden with simple floors. You can also spend on wooden tiles to give it an aesthetic appeal, if you have a decent budget.

Rooftop Garden Design Ideas and Suggestions

Keep the rooftop open

A small roof top looks bigger when kept open. There are different ways to keep your roof top open and at the same time safeguard the security. Instead of a parapet wall consider transparent glass and use fences, railing or even a hedge around the border.

Rooftop garden decoration ideas

Place tall plants and trees in the rooftop

Are you looking to get a real garden-like feel in your roof top? Maximise the greenery and place tall plants & trees. For low maintenance, grow bamboos and grasses. Although the options are unlimited while growing shrubs and trees.

Roof garden decoration tips

Create raised beds

Creating raised beds adjusting to the wall can be the best idea for your roof top, in case there is some extra spacing. You can also add wooden raised beds or the ones made from metal. You can also construct raised beds 2 feet deep and wide. Grow tall shrubs and small trees with regular maintenance.

Rooftop decoration tips

Plant carefully

It is important to maintain the diversity while planning the rooftop design. There should be a mix of a few large plants, shrubs, small trees, and ground covers. You can get a great look to your roof top garden with containers of different sizes.

Rooftop plants decoration tips

Add a focal point

Attract the eyes of the visitors through a focal point. It can be anything that draws attention. For example, beautiful arrangements, trees, containers, decorative and other items. 

terrace plan decoration tips

Do proper lighting

The roof-top garden should be lit properly in the evenings. It is nice to make bright spots near the door or stairwell. Lighting a roof also makes the space look larger during dusk.

terrace decoration ideas

Do not use more than three colors

Choose one color as an accent color and one or two colors that follow it. Use colors for walls, floor, railings, furniture or container to make the rooftop too busy and cluttered. A color combined with the neutral colour works best for the rooftop. 

A beautifully designed roof top leaves a serene effect on your mind while sitting at the place in the evenings. With a minimum cost and effort, it is possible to design a beautiful rooftop. You have the option to use artificial grass carpet reminiscent of a lawn or you can have a decorative garden with simple floors. 

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