Hello Friends, If you are going to decorate your home or renovation it then wall decoration will always play an important role in it. If you are looking for such articles that will help you in your wall decoration then you have just landed on the right one because we have described here all the techniques and ideas that can be used in contemporary wall decoration to create a unique ambiance.


Wall Decoration Ideas play a very important role in the Interior designing and decor because when we see our room then the main visible area to people in it is the walls. We can change look of our entire room just by changing the wall paint colors. there are several decorative wall accessories available in the market to decorate your wall that will make your room decoration always fresh due to the fact that we can change the wall decor every month easily with very less amount of money.


Modern Wall Decor Ideas for Your Room

We have collected below all the important wall decoration ideas that can be very effective for your room decoration.

Keep The Freshness of Wall Decor: There are many decorative items of modern wall decor is available. keep changing your wall decoration every month so that your guest can have the feeling of fresh and new decor always. You can change the decorative pieces every month and after some months you can repeat them if you want.


Finding a perfect paint color for your wall: The first step in wall decoration is finding the most suitable color for your wall. the color of you wall will contribute very important role in your wall decor. You can choose natural colors with different shades, If you want a calm look. you can find more here about how to choose your wall paint color.


How to choose Your Wall Paint Color

Creating Illusion through your wall decoration: If you want your room to look more bigger and spacier then you can create Illusion through your wall paint, just by painting the front wall of your room with 3 to 4 time darker shade then other walls. since we know the fact that darker shades reflects less about of light, the darker shade wall will create a more deeper look because it will not reflect huge amount of light.


Wall Decoration Through Mirrors: When we think about wall decoration tips, use of mirrors come first in our mind. Mirror is a good decoration piece for wall because it is not just a decor object but useful too. there are many benefits of using mirror for your wall decoration. following are some.


1.  Decorative Wall Mirrors are beautiful objects that can increase the beauty of any wall.

2. Mirrors can Increase the amount of light in your room through reflection.

3. It can also create an Illusion of bigger & Specious place through reflation.

4. You can also use multiple but smaller in size mirror for unique wall decor.

Using Wall Arts for Decoration: It will be a very effective idea to use wall art for decoration.  Wall arts are very simple way of making your wall appealing and more beautiful. You can use wall posters, nature paintings, metal sculptures and designer photo frames to decorate your wall.


Adding Strips to your wall through paint: If you just want to redecorate your wall then it will be good idea to paint it again. If you want a shorter way of giving a different look then just add strips on your walls with different colors.


Decoration of wall using light: There are many stylish and designer lights in market as wall decoration item your wall. these lights are not just for decor but they are functional as well. It will provide a comfortable and romantic touch to your room. You also can make a shape, whatever you like through these light.


Using Artificial Flower Pot: Flower pots are very attractive Item for decoration. Designer and colorful flower pots give a very beautiful look. Using them in the corners of walls will add a value in the wall decor. You also can use real plants instead of artificial. they will provide extra amount of oxygen to your room.


Using Curtains for Wall Decorations: Curtain will give a very comfortable and professional look to your wall decoration efforts. Use the curtain where the windows are placed more. curtains will make your room the dream place you want for yourself.


Wall Decoration Using Unique Shelves

The Use of Wall shelves wall design idea is very interesting Because Using a wall shelf will not only be decorative but functional as well. Wall shelves help any place to be more organised, without the use of any wall shelves in our living place can make it very Unorganized. so it proves the fact that Using wall shelves will also be very good for functional purpose. The decoration of wall using wall shelves is a very tough task only those can accomplish this task who have imagination and creativity power. following are some unique wall hanging ideas to decorate your wall using shelves.


Using wall shelves in the Kitchen: Add an extra value to wall decor in your kitchen by placing a wall shelve high up to put your glassware that rarely used or we can say that only used for guests. This can give you a place where you can show case your expensive and appealing glassware. For extra strength, Affix the shelves in wall through bolt.


Using wall shelves in the living room: You can use wall shelves in the corner of two walls of your living room or dinning room. since living room is the place where the number of people is always more then other rooms hence it will be the ideal room to show case your prizes that you have won for your passionate works.


Using wall shelf for Kid room decor: Kid room is the place where the wall shelves are needed most because usually the kids room is always filled with many toys that makes this room very unorganized. You can use the wall shelf to display your kids toys or to put a large teaching board i.e. alphabet board but that must be decorative too.


Arrangement of Wall Shelves: Using multiple wall shelves of different sizes can give a unique and well organised look to your wall decoration effort. use small and large wall shelves in parallel, you can use these shelves to put some wall art on it. Giving an organised look to the multiple shelves can really be helpful in your contemporary wall decor.


Contemporary wall Book shelves for your library: If you like to read then you will surely need a small library in your home. Using deep wall shelves is a good idea for it. You can use wall mounted shelves or some deep wall shelves bolted with your wall. Put your book in very organised way because the beauty of a book shelf is decided by the books and the way of its placing.


Using Wall Murals for Decoration

Wall Mural decor is now a day very famous. It is very easy way of wall decoration to increase its beauty. A wall mural to any place such as office or home can give the visual effect of a classic space. It has the power of transformation to make any ordinary place more beautiful and attractive. The simple meaning of mural is work of art on large wall. Basically, when a work of art is directly pained on wall then it is considered as mural. it can be pained on ceiling, walls or any other large space. Wall mural can be used for home, office, social places, political places and any other place decoration. The wall murals are used for indoor as well as outdoor decor. there are many type of wall murals, some of them are mentioned below.


1. Murals painted on wall
2. Murals using tiles
3. Murals using coating

Wall murals are exists in various varieties according to its theme such as nature, animals, water, underwater life, forest, mountains, social messages, music, health, beauty etc. wall murals are very easy way of decoration as they are removable and reusable too. If you want to get a special theme ambiance in your home such as nature, music etc then wall murals will be ideal piece of decor for you.


Above are the various type of wall ideas to design and decorate you wall for home and office place. I expect that you have found our article very useful. Please provide your feed back in the comment box so that we can improve ourselves according to it. If you have liked our article then please share it with your friends and family member over social media websites such as Facebook, twitter etc.



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