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When the word home decor comes in our ears, what figure came in our mind? A Stylish, serene, synchronized and organised place. Our home is the place where we demand for relaxation, comfort, warmness and a loving feeling with the texture of our personality. It also reflects our traditions and family pride to others because when ever any one looks at any place, they started to make their minds about the people living there. Below You will find Best house interior Ideas and you will recognize IDI as Best one of the best home decor sites.

We can see now that home design and decoration is related with our interpersonal and intro-personal life both. It affects the heart of the people living there and the mind of people outside as well. Now we know that home décor & interior design is very important for our life. But more often we thinks that it is very expensive process to work on and try to avoid it. let me tell you interior designing and decoration is not expensive and it is a worth thing to spend your some amount of money.

We always wanted to make our home so beautiful as we see the interior designing magazines, we can accomplish it by doing some changes in our home design and decoration. when we started to do our home decoration, the first thing comes in our mind is where to start and what are the elements that should taken care, what will be the best home decor ideas for our home.

The primary elements in home decorations that must be taken care is color, furniture, curtains, lighting and decorating crafts, home decor items. But don’t forget the placement of things, it is as important as all the other things, each element of your home must be look organised by its placement.

Best Modern Home Decoration Ideas

Following are some tips & house decorating ideas that will provide you the true concept of home design and decoration, and you will be able to make your home as beautiful as you see in the interior design images.

Color theme of your home: If You like modern home decor, Choose the color theme of your home very wisely, It must create beautiful and calm ambiance. The color of home floor, ceiling, walls, furniture, and curtains contributes 50% in your home decoration. you should choose such colors for your walls that they never go out of fashion. Select natural or earth colors for your walls with the combination of some bright colors. The color of your furniture is also matters, usually, two shade dark color of walls for your furniture is assumed to be good. selecting color is one the difficult task for your home ideas.

Layering of Your Home: The second step is doing layering of your home by using curtain on the window and carpets on the floor. It will give you a warm feeling, that is necessary for the comfort in the house. you can also use warm color accessories for decoration. home accessories can also be used for layering purpose. It is one of the best home interior design ideas.

Lighting of the house: It is a very important step in the Home interior design and decoration. lighting affects the look of your home decoration, even the color theme could reflect different color in different light. use some stylish decorative lamps for your home, also choose the placement of your lamps very wisely , try to give them a shape i.e. triangle, square or your own creative shape.

Theme of Rooms: It is very important to give an unique look to your room design and decoration, you can choose a antique theme for your hall or can use an animal structure for your room design and decoration. Your room decor must reflect your personality.

Placing of things: the placement of everything in your home is very important, it gives a stylish organised look to your room decoration. Select the place of everything in your room before placing it. If, we will particularly talk about decoration crafts, it is the basic rule to hang them at eye level to provide maximum effect. the decoration crafts upper then eye level does not gives perfect look due to reflection of light. this will enhance your home interior ideas. This is one of the best inexpensive home decor or cheap house decor Ideas.

Give stylish looks to your doors and window: We already familiar with the phenomena that first impression is last impression. since The door is the entrance of any house or room, it becomes the first piece of eye for people. Use stylish doors and windows for home interior and exterior purposes both.

Attention to the exterior: It is very important to pay attention to the exterior of the home decoration, there are various design styles that can be matched with your personality and thinking to represent you with your home. the main two parts of exterior effect is the design and its color, so don’t be in hurry, choose wisely because it will compliment your home interior design ideas.

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