“If you ask the question to me that what kind of color looks good on a wall then the answer is a color probably always be more good to our eyes when it has a less saturation or it is in a gray undertone for our walls, it provides calmness to our surrounding.” when we look on the wall colors on internet or in magazines and dreams about the color themes on the walls of our bedroom, living room, kitchen etc. but when we go to the paint shop to see the samples of the colors on the paint chips, we could not get those awesome colors in the paint chip sample that we had seen on the internet or magazine earlier.

The colors on the paint chips are usually look less vibrant and under a gray tone. I have the same experience when I was searching for the paint color for my bed room wall. I am going to share my one of the experience when I was searching for the blue wall paint for my bed room that I saw on pinterest. I had a dream image of my bed room walls because I already had seen some colors on the pinterest and i was expecting the same color. so I started to visit paint stores and looking for the color that i wanted.

But the color shades were not right as I had expected. they were looking good on the paint chip sample, but when I applied them to my wall, they were not giving me that calm look that i had expected. I tried many times to find my dream blue color but was not able to find it, on a whim, I pick a light blue color from a paint store as you can see it in the image below. when you will see the color below you will realize that It is not completely blue but it have a gray shade also.

interiors design ideas paint chip blue color

But this was my ultimate dream color for my bedroom and I finally found it. you can see the image of my bedroom applied with this color. it definitely looks blue when applied on walls but not on the paint chip. I wanted to share this information with you all so that you would not get confused as I was. the conclusion of this paragraph is that, the color on the paint chip looks little lighter and more vibrant when applied to walls. hence, when you pick a light color through the paint chip, it seems more lighter on the walls and does not give the perfect look that we are searching for.

Now, here is the secret for you to choose calming color for your walls, when you go to paint shop and pick sample book, immediately go to the natural color section. all the calming colors are grouped together here for you. just pick a color from the natural colors and you will get the same calming look for your room as I get. But be aware, when you see these colors on the paint chip, it may seem you little darker and gray shaded but when the colors will be applied on your walls then it will give the exact calming look that you desire.

I am sharing some pictures of my walls having the natural color, You can see the difference between paint cheep color and when it applied on walls.

interiors design ideas blue wall color


How To Choose Wall Color Combinations For House

Following are the rules that you can apply to peak a perfect color for your home walls.

Rule 1: When you go to a paint shop to pick a color for your home or office, firstly choose some colors from the paint chips that you liked most, than put all them next to each other to notice that how they are different to each other, eliminate few options and keep the most appealing color with you.

Rule 2: Once you find some good colors, take these colors home and try as sample on your walls, the lighting of your room can make much difference in the appearance of the paint color. don’t be on a whim for eliminating each color in the paint shop because it may be possible that you have not liked a color too much in the shop but it can became favorite on your living room walls.

Rule 3: When you go to pick a color for your wall, almost always go for one shade darker, because choosing a color and finding it little lighter on your walls can make you frustrated as I had many time. so pick a darker shade, it will be good to pick multiple shades of same color family and try it on your walls as sample.

Best Living Room Painting Color Scheme Ideas

The color of your place i.e. home, living room, bedroom or office is very important because it plays most important role in your surrounding decoration. With the right color selection you can contribute 40% to the interior decoration of your place. It is also a matter of status because if you go to a home, living room or office and finds out that It had bad wall color impression, It immediately throw a very bad impression of that place in your mind.

Some good combination of colors for your living room and home is presented below.

Yellow Color Shades: If you like vibrant colors then It will be perfect for you, this is a very vibrant color that Introduces positiveness in the surrounding. you can color all your walls of the room with yellow color shade or you can choose to color only one wall with dark yellow color, leaving others for a lighter shade. use some light color types of furniture in the room, it will compliment your room decoration.

Purple Color Shades: This is a very rich and intense color that provides very warm and cozy feeling. It also represents the boldness of your nature, you can say that it is a perfect color for your living room to create a vibrant ambiance in interior decoration of your home. If we talk about purple particularly as the color than it defines stability of blue and the energy of red color, It is the symbol of royalty. it is a good color to choose for living room.

Red Color Shades: It is a very bold and striking and eye-catching color. It is told that red is the color of fire and blood, it represents the symbols of joy, passion, sensitivity, and love. If you have chosen this color for your living room than apply it to only one wall, red color on your all walls can be very overlooking. choose your main focal wall and apply it, keep other walls with a light color to balance the boldness of red.

Brown Color Shades: It is the color of earth and considered to be a fortunate color. if you are going to try this color on the walls of your living room then be caution, a dark shade of brown could reflect black appearance. If you are choosing the brown color for your walls then always go for one shade lighter. Use this color only one of your walls because the brown color on all walls will be too much. Use white color for the ceiling wall, and use dark color furniture in the room, it will compliment the brown color.

Orange Color Shades: It is very bright, rich and vibrant color, it will look amazing on the focal wall of your living room only. It is told that orange color evokes the feeling of prestige and wisdom. Dark brown color types of furniture will look good with orange.

Gray Color Shades: Many people think that gray is a boring color but it is not. it creates a very clean, spacious ambiance. Gray is also related to earth, it provides willpower to the surrounding. Use white color types of furniture with gray.

Green Color Shades: If you want the feeling that you are in the lap of nature then your color is green. Green is the color of nature, it represents the feeling of growth, harmony, and freshness. Always go with light green color, dark green will be very over in the living room, Also use some green or colored flower pots for decoration.

Blue Color Shades: It is evergreen color in the interior decoration, almost all the shades of blue looks good on the walls. Blue is the color of sea and sky, it represents the deepness of thoughts and stability. choose dark colored furniture with blue. it will create a peaceful ambiance.

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